About Us

Family is everything to us.  That doesn't stop with the way we run our business either.  Kelly, Gary and these two crazy kiddo's are the heart of Northwoods Fibers.  We all work together and pitch in, each in our own way to help this little company of ours produce the best quality hand dyed yarn that we can.

Growing up, my mom was an inspiration. She was a sought-after seamstress with the uncanny ability to be one step ahead of the competition. I spent hours upon hours learning from her: sewing, knitting and crafting. She introduced us to the beautiful world of creativity and my passion for knitting and designing was born.

Fast forward many years later and with the support of my family (most notably my ever supportive husband!), Northwoods Fibers was born. My family and nature are my inspirational pieces -- the ruckus & chaos our girls make running through the house, the sky-high pines surrounding the cabin up north, the calm lake we fish on, the wonder and beauty of our 4 seasons -- Northwoods Fibers is my attempt to capture the liveliness of our amazing life.